Internet Bursts with SRK and Aryan Khan Memes after NCB raid

SRK and Aryan Khan memes after NCB raid

Shahrukh Khan’s elder son Aryan Khan has been arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). On 2 October evening NCB busts a rave party on Cordelia cruise ship and detains 8 people and Aryan Khan is one of them. The matter is making a splash on the internet as Aryan Khan is a star kid and his father is India’s biggest Bollywood star, according to reports this case is under investigation of NCB

Many Bollywood stars reacted to this and Salman Khan went Shahrukh’s home (Mannat). People are posting Aryan Khan memes and funny image of Shahrukh Khan. People are trolling Shahrukh because he is the brand ambassador of BYJU’s (It’s an educational app), we got some funny memes for our audience, hope you like it.

Aryan Instagram handle – @Aryan

Aryan Khan Memes

NCB meme after arresting Aryan Khan
NCB meme after arresting Aryan Khan
Funny jokes on Aryan Khan
Funny jokes on Aryan Khan
Mujhe Drugs do memes
Mujhe Drugs do memes
SRK memes on Aryan Khan case
SRK memes
Aryan Khan and SRK memes
Aryan Khan and SRK memes
Funny Tweet on Aryan Khan
Funny Tweet
Aryan Khan and SRK jokes
Aryan Khan and SRK jokes


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