ashish chanchlani video with kunal chhabhria on Viral Lucknow Girl

Ashish Chanchlani new video

Ashish Chanchlani is one of India’s biggest YouTuber with 25.7 million subscribers, all his videos are full of great humor and will surely make you laugh. Ashish always tries to give new content to the audience and he also uploads short videos on trending topics on his Instagram page – @Ashishchanchlani. Now Ashish made a video on Viral Lucknow Cab Driver case with his friend Kunal Chhabhria. Basically he recreate the Lucknow Girl case with his Tadka and this made it very funny. Ashish Chanchlani video

crossed the 15 Million views milestone on Instagram Reels.

Ashish Chanchlani video with Kunal Chhabhria

Many friends of Ashish, who made the video with him, commented on this video, Make of Joke also commented on it. This video is performing very well hope Ashish will always make this type of video.

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