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CarryMinati ( Ajey Nagar ) finally uploaded a new video – The land of BIGG Boss after 4 months. CarryMinati has also crossed 30 Million subscriber on his YouTube channel. The new video has received 27 Million views in just 4 days its a very big thing for a individual creator. In this video Ajey Nagar roasted BIGG BOOS house contestants but Carry also showed animation art which was fantastic. This animation is the major attraction of this video. People are really appreciating the new concept and it is good for Carry as well, over time the content require a change that you cannot keep with the same flavor. Carry use less bad words in this video.


CarryMinati Dank Meme templates 2021

CarryMinati new videos dank meme templates. These are the funny dialogues and face expression of CarryMinati. You can creates amazing dank memes by using meme templates.

carryminati funny face
carryminati funny face
carryminati funny face
CarryMinati online teaching
Kya haal hai meme templates, CarryMinati
CarryMinati online teaching meme templates
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Apni G mai daal
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intna Akelapan
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