Carryminati Video | TikToker Vs Youtuber the End || Record and prefrormance

Carryminati pics
Carryminati ( Ajay Nagar)


Carryminati is a Indian youtuber he has 16M subscriber over 168 videos on on his Youtube channel. Carryminati’s real name is Ajay nagar from faridabad. He is very youngest and talented youtuber of India he is 20years old school drop out boy.

Youtuber Vs Tiktoker

During the social drama of Tiktoker vs Youtuber has divided community on the basis of fake fame and content creator. It had been started from the Elvish yadav videos but now after the stupid response of Amir siddique through IGTV video made it trending issue. Amir siddique put eligtion on roaster according to Amir roaster use abusive language and also do body shaming on their video. During the whole drama audience wanted carry response on this fight because in India carryminati like a god of roasting community.

Carryminati Video on Youtuber VS TikToker.

In the evening of 8 May 2020 Carry uploaded his video on Amir siddique. This video broke all the records in indian youtube history. Below all the record has mentoned –

First indain video reach to 1M like within few hours.
Highest liked video on indian youtube.
Fastest growing channel on youtube. Carryminati got 5M subsciber within 4 days.
This video got 10M like and 64M views within 5 days.

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