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27 Funniest Vegan Memes

27 Funniest Vegan memes

Being vegan is not easy, you have to know how to control yourself, vegans have to check the ingredients of the item before eating and you can’t even go to parties and restaurants as you hardly find vegan food there. Meat eaters and vegetarians always make fun of Vegan yes it is common because the world is full of different ideologies. On AD The Jokester You will find Funniest Vegan memes that make you laugh.

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Kamran Akmal Pakistan Independence Day post gone wrong

Kamran Akmal Independence day post gone wrong

14 August is Pakistan’s Independence day and its a very important date for them because it also a Birthday of Pakistan, Kamran Akmal was a part of Pakistan cricket team so he tried to wish Pakistani people through Instagram post but he shared a Image with wrong Independence Spelling. After this mistake, screenshots of Kamran’s post were flooded on Indian social media and people started trolling him. Kamran wrote Indepence instead of Independence.

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latest relatives jokes in hindi for whatsapp

Relatives jokes in Hindi

Watch Latest Jokes on Relatives, Relatives (Rishtedaar) are the most disturbing thing on this planet. They always ask about your exam result, they share good morning messages on WhatsApp. Relative’s reasoning and sense of humor are so bad, they do sense less argument very confidently. Relative is always interested in your life they want to know everything about you and then they do chit-chat for entertaining purpose.

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CRYING lionel messi video status Download & meme templates

Crying Lionel Messi video status and meme templates

On Sunday, Messi cried at the farewell conference given by Barcelona Football Club, This is a very difficult moment for him and his fans. People are showering love on him and uploading videos on social media from all over the world Messi such a lively legend. For showing your lover you can download Lionel Messi video status from here and Messi Smiling meme template is trending in meme world.

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ashish chanchlani video with kunal chhabhria on Viral Lucknow Girl

Ashish Chanchlani new video

Ashish always tries to give new content to the audience and he also uploads short videos on trending topics on his Instagram page – @Ashishchanchlani. Now Ashish made a video on Viral Lucknow Cab Driver case with his friend Kunal Chhabhria. Basically he recreate the Lucknow Girl case with his Tadka and this made it very funny. Ashish Chanchlani video crossed the 15 Million views milestone on Instagram Reels

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