Cbse board students are so happy because cbse board exams for 10 cancelled, 12 postponed | CBSE and exam memes are uploading by Students

CBSE board exams for class 10 cancelled, class 12 postponed

Education ministry has cancelled and postponed the exam of class 10th and 12th respectively

As a student, we all always wish that we proceed to the next class without any examination especially when its a board class. In 2021 it is happening due to Covid – 19 CBSE has cancelled the board exam of class 10th and postponed 12th class exam. After this news students expressing their happiness on social media they are saying thank you to CBSE and Central Govt. this is only for CBSE students there are no news from any state boards hope States will take quick action on board exams.

CBSE Exam Cancelled memes | Exam memes uploading by CBSE Students |

Now its confirmed that CBSE has cancelled the exam of class 10th and postponed of class 12th, yes it is a big news for students specially for those who did not study well. Memer of India now celebrating this movement they are uploading memes and also trolling 12th and other boards students. Being a Hindi memes site its our duty to show you best worthy and funny memes to our visitors. All memes are based on Exam, CBSE, Government and students. CBSE cancelled exam 2021, CBSE memes, Student memes in Hindi, viral memes, corona memes.

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