Yo Yo Honey Singh memes – Allegations of domestic violence and abuse

Shalini Talwar and Honey Singh memes

YO YO Honey Singh aka Haridesh Singh is the famous Punjabi rapper who gave us hundreds of hit songs, he has a huge fan following and has introduced many singers like Badshah, Neha Kakkar, Alfaaz, Gippy, J Star, etc. Honey Singh has a very beautiful wife Shalini Talwar, after 10 years of marriage Shalini Talwar filed a case of domestic violence against Yo Yo Honey Singh. She also said that Honey Singh had casual sex with several girls. # Honey Singh memes

This is a very shocking news for the fans of Honey Singh as Honey was one of them who introduced the youth to rap music. Honey Singh’s wife Shalini demanded Rs 10 crore compensation for domestic violence and mental harassment. That all things started a war on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook some are trolling Honey Singh for domestic violence and some are trolling Shalini Talwar for demanding Rs 10 crore. People are making funny Yo Yo Honey Singh

memes we have tried to show some of them, hope you like it.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Memes

Yo Yo Honey Singh Memes

Funny tweets on Yo Yo Honey Singh divorce case

Latest Yo Yo Honey Singh Memes

Honey Singh Memes

Honey Singh and Shalini memes on Divorce case

Shalini and Honey Singh memes

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People reaction on Domestic violence case of Shalini Talwar and Honey Singh

Honey Singh is a big personality and his domestic violence case attracts attention of social media users, everyone on social media wants entertainment and they got it. Now you can see many meme pages are posting memes on Honey Singh and people are criticizing both Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar.

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