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In Search of gold we lost diamond memes – trending memes

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We have another meme trend in Meme world. This is a ” In search of Gold we lost Diamond ” in this meme trend Memr are comparing lots of things, People are comparing old things, celebrity, T.V shows, Games, etc. That trend is amazing because everybody remembering their childhood after Internet many things got changed. Search of Gold memes started anonymously people start uploading these funny images on Facebook and it shifted from Fb to Instagram. We have many funny memes on Diamond trend.

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Lost Diamond meme
In search of Gold memes
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In search of Gold we lost Diamond memes
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Indian Meme world is most diversify place every week we see different trend with different Indian desi masala everybody enjoy it and also show their creativity through memes. This is the In search of Gold we lost Diamond meme week, we hope you are enjoying our Trending memes in Hindi.

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