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Lockdown Memes in Hindi – All India Memes

Most funny memes on Lockdown. Due to Covid-19 we all face many problems and one of them is Lockdown, Lockdown is very tough for our because most of the people are facing it first time. Many people losing their job. Due to covid people get some time for their family and some doing Work from Home and honestly people are enjoying this period and posting their experiences on the Internet. Some Funny memes are going viral on social media we are trying to show you few of them. These memes are so funny and relatable – Lockdown Memes.

Lockdown memes India

In India people are facing many problem but still they are enjoying lockdown after all things and this is good for a country mindset and they are watching Ramayana, Mahabharat, and some making coffee, pizza and momos. But we have some stupid who are going outside but don’t worry Police are teaching them a good lesson. But all Indian memr are so creative they have made many funny memes India.



The fear of 2020 ( meme )
RAMAYAN Broadcasting Meme
lockdown memes India
Lockdown memes
Lockdown meme
Lockdown meme India

So far more than 7,00,000 people around the globe have got infected and more than 36000 people have died due to this pandemic (coronavirus). The United States of America, Italy, Spain, China are the countries that have the highest number of people infected from COVID-19. With the rapid increase in the number of patients even the richest countries seem to be running out of resources like ventilators to place patients on them and treat them. And so far there is no antidote created to cure people of this deadly virus.

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