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Meme chat app and it business model or company working

Memechat is the most growing app in our country which is owned by Kyle Fernandes, he is the CEO and co – founder of meme chat. Kyle Fernandes had started his entrepreneur journey in 2016 with Taaran Chanana he started a memepage called Sh*t Indians Say ( SIS ) which was later renamed and turned into the social media platform we know today as meme chat. Kyle owned 10 to 15 big memepages and has partnership with 100+ memepages. Kyle has 100 million soial media reach in every month. They easily decide the trend and change the trend. Download meme chat or you can download it from Google play store.

Kyle Fernandes CEO and Co- founder of memechat app

How memechat earn? | What is the business model of meme chat?

Memechat is basically a company who runs their business on memes. Now days everybody likes memes and many love to make new memes basically its a new source of entertainment. Big Brands are crazy about memes because they know the meme marketing power. meme marketing is the new market but its growing rapidly. Memechat is a platform where people make memes for brand and get paid for it and meme chat distributes it in all networks. That’s a way to operate meme trend and provide cheap marketing cost to a Brand.

meme chat logo
meme chat logo

Who can earn on meme chat?

Meme chat is open platform for all and it has 1 Million + downloads on play store. If you can make memes then you can earn from meme chat. Meme chat pay you 5 to 30 Rs for a meme its depend on quality 1 memechat = 1Rs ( 1M=1Rs).Memechat also pays for liking and sharing memes but the amount is not disclosed.

How to withdrawal money from memechat ?

After uploading memes now you have a doubt how to withdrawal money memechat provide two ways one is Paytm wallet and another is direct bank transfer these are the only two ways to get money from meme chat.

About meme chat App

Meme chat has 3.9 rating on Google play store. There you can uploads memes and videos if you want to make your conversation more dank than you can use its danky feature called memechat keyboard there you will get all funny meme templates as an stickers. Meme chat has group option also and daily he gives requested task for you in the exchange of it you will get paid. Meme chat normally take 2-3 hours for approving post. we analysis that before 12:00 PM they takes only few minutes so we highly recommend you to post before 12 PM.

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