Mr Beast is going to open a physical MrBeast Burger restaurant t at the American Dream Mall

Mr Beast is going to open a physical MrBeast Burger Restaurant at the American Dream Mall

Famous YouTuber Mr. Beast ( Jimmy Donaldson ) to open physical MrBeast Burger restaurant at American Dream Mall

Physical MrBeast Burger Restaurant

On August 29, renowned internet personality Mr Beast announced on Twitter that he would be opening a physical restaurant at the American Dream Mall, the first MrBeast Burger’s Restrro since its 2020 launch.

Mr Beast has a huge fan following from all over the world and recently achieved the 100 million subscribers mild stone on YouTube. He is a very good Content creator and uploads content in many languages ​​(Mr. Beast has about 14 channels) but he is also a smart businessman, He runs many business like Merch Stores, Mr. Beast Burgers, Mr. Beast Bars etc.

When will Mr. Beast open the physical MrBeast Burger restaurant and how special will it be for his viewers?

Mr Beast tweeted about the news and told his followers that a new physical restaurant would open at the American Dream Mall. He wrote –

I’m opening a physical Beast Burger restaurant at the American Dream Mall on September 4th! I’ll be working at the restaurant all day the first day and if you stop by you might see me 🙂


He will be working on sunday and you can meet him there but we know it will be tough for you as many people will come to the restaurant this is a good marketing strategy by Mrbeast to make people aware about the new store.

Mr Beast Tweet

He also tweeted a meme after the tweet of Mrbeast Burger restaurant


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