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PM Modi cabinet reshuffle memes

The Union Cabinet was expanded and reshuffled on 7 July. A total of 43 new ministers were sworn in, including 15 cabinet ministers and 28 ministers of state. Portfolios have been handed over by Rashtrapati Bhavan on the recommendation of PM Narendra Modi. – PM Modi cabinet reshuffle memes – Ministry Memes

Latest Funny memes on New Cabinet Reshuffle

As we know that many old ministers had given their resignation, it was strange and shocking decision for us, all this political things have given us new meme content, people are making new memes and political jokes. In that ministry meme trend people are suggesting a popular person for a particular field. If you want to suggest your favorite minister please make meme and upload on Instagram story please don’t forget to mention us @adthejokester

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Ministry of Physics – Salman Khan

Ministry of True Love
Ministry of Expression – Rashmika Mandanna
Ministry of Drugs Indian Politician memes
Ministry of Hrday Parivartan – Champak Lala Gada
Ministry of Tobibaaz – Sunderlal
Ministry of Weapons – Munna Bhaiya memes
Ministry of Creativity memes
Ministry of Imagination
Ministry of Punishment – Aparchit memes
Ministry of Population Control – Thanos memes
Ministry of Silence – Dr. Manmohan Singh
Ministry of Forest – Bear Grylls
Ministry of Ache Din Aaenge – Narendra Modi
Ministry of Roasting – CarryMinati