PM Modi memes – PM Modi announces withdrawal of farm laws

PM Modi announces withdrawal of farm laws

central government in 2020. Introduced 3 agricultural laws and from the beginning Punjabi farmers were against the laws so they started protesting in Punjab and blocked many roads, But they did not get any serious response from the central government. So they decided to go to Delhi but Delhi Police stopped them at the borders, this was the beginning of the farmers’ protest, farmers from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana joined the protest and blocked all the roads connecting Delhi.

PM Modi memes
PM Modi memes

After 10 months on the day of Gurpurab, PM Narendra Modi has announced the withdrawal of agricultural laws, This doubled the joy of Gurupurab Day, after this news the internet was flooded with jokes of PM Modi and farmers gave their reaction and many big political leaders also welcomed the orders of PM.

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