Ranveer Singh shared his Latest look on Instagram & Public ready for memes

Ranveer Singh latest look photos on Instagram

Ranveer Singh is known for his unique style and surprises his fans with new hair looks and dresses. On Wednesday he uploads his new look on Instagram. He is in Blue tracksuit with gold chains on neck and long hair, many celebrities have reacted on his photos. In some pictures he is carrying a black bag. Their fans and people are very excited about new memes because these pictures are totally meme worthy and it will trigger the all memers.

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Ranveer Singh has posted three pictures and all are with same outfit- A bag, Some gold chains, Blue Tracksuits and Dramatic long – haired wig. He also wrote same Instagram caption – Alessandro, my beloved than he mentioned @gucci @alessandro_michelethan he used some tags #GucciBeloved #GucciJackie1961


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Ranveer Singh new look
Ranveer Singh new Instagram post
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People Reaction on new look of Ranveer Singh

One fan wrote in comment section ” Damn man, only you can pull this off ” another one wrote “meme material mil gaya”. Some people are making joke and writing that Deepika k kapde phen liye hai, Deepika has a beautiful wife. Some fans are appreciating him and one wrote – He is the only one in industry who can do this without thinking.