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latest relatives jokes in hindi for whatsapp

Relatives jokes in Hindi

Relatives jokes in Hindi

Relatives (Rishtedaar) are the most disturbing thing on this planet. They always ask about your exam result, they share good morning messages on WhatsApp. Relative’s reasoning and sense of humor are so bad, they do sense less argument very confidently. Relative is always interested in your life they want to know everything about you and then they do chit-chat for entertaining purpose. We all don’t like little cousins ​​who ask for mobile games even cousins ​​sometimes break your stuff and it’s very annoying. The only good thing about relatives in India is that they give you money when they leave your house. Keeping all related things in mind we have created some latest desi relatives jokes in Hindi ( Hindi Chutkule ) for you please share it with your friends as they will find it funny. Desi Hindi jokes

Relatives jokes in Hindi

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Thak gaya hu bhai meme template, Real Joker Austin

Real Joker Austin Austin Stanley aka Real Joker Austin is a Mumbai based short video maker who creates short videos on MOJ App and Instagram Reels. Now he is getting popular because of his videos, some screenshots of his videos have become meme templates on the internet like Thak gaya hu bhai meme template, Maaf karna Behan, etc.

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