Salman khan of Lucknow Azam Ansari Arrested by Lucknow Police

Duplicate of Salman Khan Azam Ansari arrested by Lucknow Police

Uttar Pradesh police arrested azam ansari who imitated salman khan on social media: On Sunday, Uttar Pradesh Police arrested Azam Ansari for disturbing the peace, Azam was shooting videos for Instagram reels without permission near the ancient clock tower and many people had come to see him, causing traffic jam. On this the police arrested him and also deducted his challan under section 151.

Azam Ansari aka Salman Khan of Lucknow
Azam Ansari aka Salman Khan of Lucknow

Who is Azam Ansari?

Azam Ansari is a short video creator and has many social media followers and millions of views on his videos, he is famous for mimicry of Salman Khan and he is shirtless in many videos- He looks like Salman khan and makes videos without Shirt on public places like road, railway station etc we know it sounds cringe. He is very famous among the local people and is able to attract crowd of Lucknow. Azam Ansari Instagram id – azam00ansari

Salman khan duplicate Azam Ansari
Salman khan’s duplicate Azam Ansari

Azam Ansari has 77.2 k Followers on Instagram and around 169k Subscribers on YouTube Channel


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