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Shweta memes

Shweta memes trending why? or who is Shweta? what her story?

#Shweta is trending on all social media and many people want to know why is Shweta meme trending? Don’t worry here, we will let you know the exact reason behind it. This Shweta meme trend is basically start with a Zoom call recording. It was an accident or mistake, Shweta forget to switch off her mike during her class and start talking with her friend Radhika on call. On that call she start talking about her boyfriend’s ( Pandit ) secret, Now you are thinking about what secret? It was a private and romantic secret of his ( Pandit ) and his Ex. Shweta was thinking that she only telling secret to Radhika, but due to mic all class were listening her story. Many classmates of Shweta were trying to tell her that her mic is on but unfortunately they failed, few of them made a video of Zoom class and upload it on internet and it went viral. After the few days of Pawri ho rahi hai we got Shweta.


Shweta Zoom Call Meme video

Shweta memes in Hindi | Shweta meme girl

Shweta went viral after the Zoom call and Indian internet start filling with Shweta memes and its a desi meme because its a Indian meme. Indian memr has made very funny memes which tell the drama of Zoom call. May be its a first viral Zoom video after lockdown online classes video. Now Shweta is trending and it is a latest meme trend of 2021. We are mentioning some Shweta memes, we hope you will like our desi meme.

Shweta memes
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Shweta memes
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Shweta memes

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