Drugs controversy: Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhant Kapoor detained by Bengaluru Police and tests positive

Siddhant Kapoor detained by Police for consuming Drugs

Siddhant Kapoor Drug case: Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhant Kapoor detained in Bengaluru after police raided a rave party of a 5-star hotel, police discovered that Siddhant and five others has consumed drugs.

Siddhant Kapoor has consumed Drugs in a Rave Party

Siddhant is another Bollywood celeb whose name has been associated with drugs, Siddhant Kapoor is an Indian actor and assistant director, elder brother of Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhanth has worked in films like Chehre, Jazbaa, Shootout at Wadala and web show Bhaukaal.

Siddhant Kapoor was arrested by the police on Sunday following a rave party raid at a 5-star hotel in Bengaluru. According to officials, 35 guests were detained and all were medically examined and Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Bhimashankar S Guled said that the medical report shows that Siddhant and five others have consumed drugs, Case is under investigation

What did Shakti Kapoor say on son’s drug case?

Siddhant Kapoor Drug case: When journalists reached out to Shakti Kapoor, 69-year-old veteran Shakti Kapoor said, “I can only say one thing – it is not possible”.

Shakti Kapoor said : I can only say one thing – it is not possible

Siddhant’s father also said to News Reporters that I am not aware of anything. I just woke up from sleep and my phone keeps ringing. He has not been arrested, but has been taken into custody by the police for the use of (drugs). I don’t think there was any capture. I have as much information as is coming in the news and I am really disturbed by this news.”

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