Spider-Man: No Way Home’s ticket rush crashes ticket booking site, Fans shared Spiderman ticket meme

Spiderman ticket meme

Spider-Man Fans are very excited for the movie they even can’t wait for the release date ( 17th December USA ). Today Makers of the movie live the Spider-Man No way Home tickets and this has created similar situation like Avengers End game, Ticket booking site has crashed due to high traffic. Can you imagine the Craze of the movie among the fans? Some fans got tickets and some didn’t, we have seen people selling tickets on e-bay for more than the actual price. Internet flooded with ticket memes: People making memes on the ticket shortage incident and #SpidermanNoWayHome is trending on Twitter, see all the memes below – Spiderman ticket meme

Spiderman No Way Home Tickets memes

Spiderman ticket meme

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