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Mohammed Shami joined the Squid Game squad

Mohammad Shami shared Squid game Reels

T20 World Cup is going to start in October and all the teams have reached UAE for the tournament. Many teams are playing warm up matches with each other, Team India also played with England and won the match. Mohammad shami joined squid game

Indian Bowler Mohammed Shami shared two video ( Instagram Reels ) on his Instagram handle in which he was playing Honeycomb/ Ppopgi game ( it is a second task of Netflix Squid Game web series), this shows the craze of a web series all over the world.

Mohammad shami squid game video

In Caption he wrote – That’s the way the cookie crumbles ek bar main karna hai ye ring nikal kar dikho or mujhe tag karo kitna time laga app ko ?? #mshami11

In second video he wrote – That’s the way the cookie crumbles I’m done here with in 75sec last part left for results.


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Indian Politicians nicknames

Indian Politicians nicknames

In this universe we have given a name to all which refers to the identity of person, object etc. Popular leaders always get a nickname from the people, it can be bad or good. Lets see the Indian Politician nicknames

People dancing on In Da Ghetto while shopping – Tik Tok & Instagram Reels

Instagram In Da Ghetto video

In da Getto” is a song by Colombian singer J Balvin, It was released on 2 July 2021. The song has become a trend on short video platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts etc. People are making video on In da ghetto while shopping, they are dancing on the beats of Ghetto song, ya its weird but this is social media here strange things become trend.

Popular Lyrics

Dancin’ at di ghetto
Inna di ghetto
Party in di ghetto
Inna di ghetto
Dancin’ at di ghetto
Inna di ghetto
Party in di ghetto
Inna di ghetto

Funny Tik Tok Dancing videos | In Da Ghetto Instagram Reels

Short video platform like Instagram Reels and Tik Tok has flooded with In Da Ghetto song video please watch funny Instagram Reels or Tik Tok videos – Ghetto song videos.


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Real Joker Austin meme templates

Thak gaya hu bhai meme template, Real Joker Austin

Real Joker Austin Austin Stanley aka Real Joker Austin is a Mumbai based short video maker who creates short videos on MOJ App and Instagram Reels. Now he is getting popular because of his videos, some screenshots of his videos have become meme templates on the internet like Thak gaya hu bhai meme template, Maaf karna Behan, etc.

Instagram Reels and Tik Tok flooded with short video of bo burnham – bezos song | Come on, Jeffrey, You can do it song

Bo Burnham - Bezoz Song and videos

” Come on, Jeffrey, you can do it ” These are the lines you are hearing everywhere on Tik Tok and Instagram, People are making video on this song. This song is fully dedicated to Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezoz. Bo BurnHam – Bezos song

Bo Burnham – Bezoz song | Come On. Jeffrey, You can do it

Song – Bezos

Artist – Bo Burnham

Album – Inside

Come On. Jeffrey, You can do it Lyrics

ceo, entrepreneur born in 1964
jeffrey, jeffrey bezos
ceo, entrepreneur born in 1964
jeffrey, jeffrey bezos

come on, jeffrey, you can do it
pave the way, put your back into it
tell us why, show us how
look at where you came from, look at you now
zuckerberg and gates and buffett
amateurs can fuckin’ suck it
fuck their wives, drink their blood
come on, jeff, get ’em!

Bo Burnham jeffrey Bezos Instagram Reels and Tik Tok videos

The trend of social media changes in a week, sometimes challenge, game, dance move and sometimes song. This time Bo Burnham Jeffrey Bezoz Song is the new Trend every influencer and Tik Tok users and Instagram Reels users are making video on this song and it’s actually a lovely song, the music and lyrics are awesome. Many popular Influencers have made a video on this We are showing you some videos below Hope you like it.

Bo Burnham Jeffrey Bezos Instagram Reels

ashish chanchlani video with kunal chhabhria on Viral Lucknow Girl

Ashish Chanchlani new video

Ashish Chanchlani is one of India’s biggest YouTuber with 25.7 million subscribers, all his videos are full of great humor and will surely make you laugh. Ashish always tries to give new content to the audience and he also uploads short videos on trending topics on his Instagram page – @Ashishchanchlani. Now Ashish made a video on Viral Lucknow Cab Driver case with his friend Kunal Chhabhria. Basically he recreate the Lucknow Girl case with his Tadka and this made it very funny. Ashish Chanchlani video crossed the 15 Million views milestone on Instagram Reels.

Ashish Chanchlani video with Kunal Chhabhria

Many friends of Ashish, who made the video with him, commented on this video, Make of Joke also commented on it. This video is performing very well hope Ashish will always make this type of video.

Meethika Dwivedi Aka The Sound Blaze funny videos – Viral Instagram Reels

The Sound Blaze funny video download

We are sure you must have seen the videos of Mithika Dwivedi aka The Sound Blaze on your social media, her Instagram reel videos are appreciated by many big YouTuber and Instagram Influencer. The_Sound_Blaze is the real Instagram id of Meethika Dwivedi, she is very talented teenage girl in class 12th she is also a good singer and You can see some of her singing videos, Mithika makes funny videos on Instagram, currently her followers have crossed the 1 million milestone within a year mostly she is famous because of her U.P accent. Initially many meme pages had shared his video on their meme page and it gave him a career boost. Now Meethika known as The Sound Blaze Girl who make relatable video content on Social media, #_ The Blaze funny videos

The Sound Blaze video Download | Viral Instagram Reels video Dwonload

Meethika funny relatable content you are watching on social media we know you want to download her Instagram Reels video for WhatsApp status, Facebook status, etc. Don’t worry you can download some viral video in U.P accent from here. The sound blaze funny video

Meethika Dwivedi videos

Best Friend meme video By Meethika Dwivedi aka The Sound Blaze

U.P Girlfriend and Boyfriend meme video by The Sound Blaze

Nibba and Nibbi meme video by The Sound Blaze

Mere Babu Ne Khana Khaya kya meme video

Bestfriend meme video

Relationship Advice by The Sound Blaze

Watch Funny instagram reels videos

Funny Instagram reels videos download

Instagram reels videos changing day by day now it has Reels option we can upload short videos there, Reels trend changes every week, we can’t predict the new trend but we can enjoy that trend Its like a Ant chain every body following each other but they are human so they show some creativity haha its really obvious, funny face reel trend going viral everybody making videos on Instagram some making funny faces and laughing each other and some girls are making videos of walking like GTA vice city game girl. Watch funny Instagram videos, here we picked some of them hope you like it. Follow for funny Instagram Reels .

New trend of Instagram Reels – Funny Face

Trending reels from Instagram all video are funny and filled with humor these are short comedy videos please watch it and tells us how’s the comedy video by liking them.

Khaby Lame Tik Tok videos – funny instagram Reels

Khaby Lame Funny videos

Khabane Lame is a Influencer he is a Tik Tok videos maker he has a very huge fan following he got success after his reaction on Life hacks videos channel. He is a new meme content on internet his dank style make him so different. Khaby Lame tik tok videos – Funny Instagram Reels are gaining millions of views daily he got 7.8 millions followers on Instagram. Khaby destroy unnecessary DIY craft videos by showing how stupid they are and that’s a unique thing behind his success.

Instagram Reels videos of Khabane Lame

Yes we all know that every funny videos creator on Instagram and our favorite Khaby also on Instagram there he also re uploads his Tik Tok videos he is also active on Reddit he has its own sub reddit we are actually going to show you some funny Instagram reels videos of Khabane Lame. We are trying to show you some funny Instagram reels videos may be you saw them on Instagram explore page because this is the new trend on all social media.

Instagram shut down again and people sharing meme on Twitter & Facebook

Instagram shut down again

Is Instagram shut down again?

People are complaining that there Instagram feed not uploading and some users saying that they are unable to open Instagram app. Is Instagram not working again? or Instagram shut down? The answer is Yes Instagram again shut down and Instagram has not given any explanation till now we are waiting for further updates.

Instagram shut down memes are trending

Instagram Memes

We all knew that Instagram not working now due to some technical issue but people are sharing memes on Twitter and Facebook, Trolling Instagram for shut down again and again. These Instagram memes are so funny and relatable we hope Instagram soon fix it. We are showing some funny memes we hope you can relate with it.

Instagram shut down again memes
Instagram shut down again
Is Instagram shut down Memes
Instagram Memes
Instagram shut down Memes
Instagram shut down Memes
Instagram Memes
Instagram Memes

Comedy videos hindi || Hindi funny videos Download

Funny memes Videos in Hindi

Comedy videos Hindi from Indian internet if you are looking for funny meme videos hindi so you are at right place we makes funny meme videos for Indians or Hindi speaking audience we are trying to make you laugh. These Indian comedy video are inspired by Bollywood movies, songs or you can say it Bollywood meme videos Download. WhatsApp videos – funny clips – Hindi jokes videos – Funny meme videos download.

Meme videos Download Hindi – WhatsApp videos download

Funny video Hindi are the important part of Internet. You can see funny videos on all social media, Funny videos and Hindi jokes videos spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, or news sources. Now funny videos are going viral on social media, memes video has more potential to reach more people due to meme videos instagram launched Reels and now people are uploading more Reels videos. Mostly these memes video has funny jokes and content and people like it. These funny video are ruling the social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Now you can visit the some funny videos and Hindi jokes or Comedy videos, mentioned in below. You can download meme videos Hindi and trust us we have made these meme videos more relatable and funny.

Funny Video clips Download Hindi

Comedy videos Download in Hindi language, these comedy video based on some trending topic some related to daily life incident we are trying to make you Happy with the help of our comedy videos. So watch the video and share it with your friend and family so they can also laugh. Laugh is a wonderful medicine so distribute it all over the world and be happy and keep watching funny comedy videos and follow us.

Some Instagram Funny videos collection we hope you will enjoy them. All funny jokes video filled with great humor all memes videos are so relatable.


PM Modi announces withdrawal of farm laws

PM Modi memes – PM Modi announces withdrawal of farm laws

PM Narendra Modi has announced the withdrawal of agricultural laws, This doubled the joy of Gurupurab Day, after this news the internet was flooded with memes of PM Modi and farmers gave their reaction and many big political leaders also welcomed the orders of PM