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Lucknow girl meme templates – CAB driver

Lucknow viral girl meme templates

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and now a video from Lucknow city has gone viral. Viral video of cab driver – The case is from Lucknow where a girl was slapping the cab driver and broke the driver’s phone and the glass of the car, You can see many people in the video but no one was coming forward for help even the police was not doing anything. She slapped 20 times but the cab driver did nothing for self defense and he said ” Ladka hoti to batata “. According to the cab driver, the police have registered a case against him but after two days the CCTV video surfaced and it proved that the girl was crossing the road during the green light. Now Police has registered the case against girl. The news channel has interviewed both of them and the girl is giving an explanation about the scenario and the cab driver wants his self respect and the cost of the loss of the car. They both said some lines in their interview, we are trying to give you these lines as a meme template so that you can make memes. The Lucknow Girl meme templates.

Priyadarshini – Viral Lucknow Girl

Shahadat Ali – Cab Driver

Viral Lucknow Girl meme template
Viral Lucknow Girl meme template

Mujhe Bahu sari Bimariya hai, Ye meri dawaiyo ki list hai

Mujhe Bahu sari Bimariya hai meme templates
Mujhe Bahu sari Bimariya hai, Ye meri dawaiyo ki list hai

Cab Driver ke sath Kam se Kam 100 log the Jinhone Mujhe Mara hai..

Cab Driver ke sath Kam se Kam 100 log the meme template
Cab Driver ke sath Kam se Kam 100 log the Jinhone Mujhe Mara hai..

Sabse Phle mujhe mera Self Respect chaiye

Sabse Phle mujhe mera Self Respect chaiye meme template
Sabse Phle mujhe mera Self Respect chaiye

Yo Yo Honey Singh memes – Allegations of domestic violence and abuse

Shalini Talwar and Honey Singh memes

YO YO Honey Singh aka Haridesh Singh is the famous Punjabi rapper who gave us hundreds of hit songs, he has a huge fan following and has introduced many singers like Badshah, Neha Kakkar, Alfaaz, Gippy, J Star, etc. Honey Singh has a very beautiful wife Shalini Talwar, after 10 years of marriage Shalini Talwar filed a case of domestic violence against Yo Yo Honey Singh. She also said that Honey Singh had casual sex with several girls. # Honey Singh memes

This is a very shocking news for the fans of Honey Singh as Honey was one of them who introduced the youth to rap music. Honey Singh’s wife Shalini demanded Rs 10 crore compensation for domestic violence and mental harassment. That all things started a war on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook some are trolling Honey Singh for domestic violence and some are trolling Shalini Talwar for demanding Rs 10 crore. People are making funny Yo Yo Honey Singh memes we have tried to show some of them, hope you like it.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Memes

Yo Yo Honey Singh Memes

Funny tweets on Yo Yo Honey Singh divorce case

Latest Yo Yo Honey Singh Memes

Honey Singh Memes

Honey Singh and Shalini memes on Divorce case

Shalini and Honey Singh memes

Latest Honey Singh joke

Funny Honey Singh jokes

Funny Tweets on Honey Singh

Famous Rapper Honey Singh Memes

Rapper Honey Singh Jokes

People reaction on Domestic violence case of Shalini Talwar and Honey Singh

Honey Singh is a big personality and his domestic violence case attracts attention of social media users, everyone on social media wants entertainment and they got it. Now you can see many meme pages are posting memes on Honey Singh and people are criticizing both Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar.

Meethika Dwivedi Aka The Sound Blaze funny videos – Viral Instagram Reels

The Sound Blaze funny video download

We are sure you must have seen the videos of Mithika Dwivedi aka The Sound Blaze on your social media, her Instagram reel videos are appreciated by many big YouTuber and Instagram Influencer. The_Sound_Blaze is the real Instagram id of Meethika Dwivedi, she is very talented teenage girl in class 12th she is also a good singer and You can see some of her singing videos, Mithika makes funny videos on Instagram, currently her followers have crossed the 1 million milestone within a year mostly she is famous because of her U.P accent. Initially many meme pages had shared his video on their meme page and it gave him a career boost. Now Meethika known as The Sound Blaze Girl who make relatable video content on Social media, #_ The Blaze funny videos

The Sound Blaze video Download | Viral Instagram Reels video Dwonload

Meethika funny relatable content you are watching on social media we know you want to download her Instagram Reels video for WhatsApp status, Facebook status, etc. Don’t worry you can download some viral video in U.P accent from here. The sound blaze funny video

Meethika Dwivedi videos

Best Friend meme video By Meethika Dwivedi aka The Sound Blaze

U.P Girlfriend and Boyfriend meme video by The Sound Blaze

Nibba and Nibbi meme video by The Sound Blaze

Mere Babu Ne Khana Khaya kya meme video

Bestfriend meme video

Relationship Advice by The Sound Blaze

shilpa shetty husband raj kundra memes on Trending film case

Latest Raj Kundra memes

Our favorite Bollywood actress from 90s Shilpa Shetty, she has given many block buster movies to us. She is a good actress currently she is judging reality shows like dance show. She is also a good mother and has a beautiful family. Again Shilpa Shetty come in limelight because of her husband Raj Kundra, He is a successful businessman. Raj Kundra arrested by Mumbai Police for making adult films and police has solid proof against him now raj is in the police custody. People are making fun of this incident they are writing jokes on Twitter and sharing memes on Instagram and Facebook. Raj Kundra memes and Shilpa Shetty memes are the new trend in meme world. People are using old shilpa and Raj photos and making funny and dank memes, we know that is a bit cool but now it is at its peak and we can call it trolling but no one can stop the whole internet users people are writing link de de bhai in Raj kundra’s photos.

Have a look at the Shilpa Shetty husband Raj Kundra memes

Shilpa shetty husband raj kundra memes
Latest Raj Kundra jokes on Producing film
Link De De Bhai comment on Raj Kundra's photos
Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra memes

Dank memes on Raj Kundra's police case
Shilpa Shetty husband Raj Kundra's funny images
People are writing Link de de bhai in the comments of Raj kundra's photos
Shilpa Shetty yoga memes
Link de de bhai memes
Raj Kundra memes
Raj Kundr'a office

We hope you like Shilpa Shetty husband raj Kundra memes for more Bollywood related memes follow us

jab we met meme templates – Bollywood Meme templates

Jab We Met was a block buster movie released in 2007. Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor were in lead roles as Aditya Kashyap and Geet Dhillon. It was a funny and romantic film which people still love with the characters of the film. Jab We Met was written and directed by Imtiaz Ali.

Here are some of the iconic scenes and funny dialogues from the movie Jab We Met – Bollywood meme templates

Mai to Bhagne wali hu Bahut tez meme templates
Mai to Bhagne wali hu Bahut tez
Chamat marungi ager jayda bakwaas kiya to meme templates
Karena Kapoor Dialogues
Sharafat ka jamana hi nahi rha meme templates
Karena kapoor dialogue
Karena kapoor funny face meme templates
Karena kapoor funny face
Jab we met movie meme templates
Jab we met movie meme templates

Pm Modi Cabinet reshuffle memes | Ministry Memes

PM Modi cabinet reshuffle memes

The Union Cabinet was expanded and reshuffled on 7 July. A total of 43 new ministers were sworn in, including 15 cabinet ministers and 28 ministers of state. Portfolios have been handed over by Rashtrapati Bhavan on the recommendation of PM Narendra Modi. – PM Modi cabinet reshuffle memes – Ministry Memes

Latest Funny memes on New Cabinet Reshuffle

As we know that many old ministers had given their resignation, it was strange and shocking decision for us, all this political things have given us new meme content, people are making new memes and political jokes. In that ministry meme trend people are suggesting a popular person for a particular field. If you want to suggest your favorite minister please make meme and upload on Instagram story please don’t forget to mention us @adthejokester. Indian Political memes,

Ministry of Physics Salman Khan memes
Ministry of Physics – Salman Khan

Ministry of True Love memes from Vivah movie
Ministry of True Love
Ministry of Expression - rashmika mandanna memes
Ministry of Expression – Rashmika Mandanna
Ministry of Drugs Indian Politician memes
Ministry of Drugs Indian Politician memes
Champak Lala Gada TMKOC memes
Ministry of Hrday Parivartan – Champak Lala Gada
Tmkoc memes
Ministry of Tobibaaz – Sunderlal
Ministry of Weapons - Munna Bhaiya memes
Ministry of Weapons – Munna Bhaiya memes
Ministry of Creativity memes
Ministry of Creativity memes
Mastram Funny memes
Ministry of Imagination
Ministry memes
Ministry of Punishment – Aparchit memes
Thanos memes
Ministry of Population Control – Thanos memes
Indian Politician memes
Ministry of Silence – Dr. Manmohan Singh
Ministry of Forest - bear grylls memes
Ministry of Forest – Bear Grylls
Narendra Modi Memes
Ministry of Ache Din Aaenge – Narendra Modi
CarryMinati Memes
Ministry of Roasting – CarryMinati

deepika padukone and Ranveer Singh Funny Video – Instagram Reels

Ranveer Singh Birthday funny video

Deepika and Ranveer are the best Bollywood couple, you can see good chemistry between them in their movies and it feels the same in real life. They both are fun loving and very talented, they gave us best movies like, Bajirao Mastani, Ram Leela, Padmavat, etc. 6th July is the birth date of Ranveer and Deepika wished him in very different way, She shared a Instagram Reels in which both Ranveer and Deepika are dancing on the Meme song – Tauda Kutta Tommy Sadda Kutta Kutta this song is composed by Yashraj Mukhate on the dialogue of Shehnaaz Gill. – Deepika and Ranveer Singh funny video

Ranveer Singh Birthday wish Video shared by Deepika

Deepika and Ranveer Singh funny video

Both Ranveer Singh and Deepika are dancing in a Video, Ranveer Singh memes was last week meme trend and now again he came in trend list. Deepika Wrote a beautiful caption

But since it’s your Birthday, I’Il make peace with the fact that Twada Kutta is Tommy and Sadda Kutta is Kutta…😏🙇🏽‍♀️😁

Happy Happy Birthday My Most Favourite Person!❤️ @ranveersingh

Shenaaz Gill also react on that video she wrote on Instagram Stories – , “Woah woah woah woah!!!!” He also took to the comments section of the original post and wrote, “BAAAAAAAAAP!!!!! DIN BAN GYA!!!!!!!! (My day is made).”

Ranveer Singh Gucci photoshoot triggered the memers – Social media is flooded with Ranveer Singh Memes

Ranveer Singh latest look photos on Instagram

Ranveer Singh has posted his photos with new look and that’s triggered the Memers all social media is flooded with Ranveer Singh meme. Its a photoshoot for Gucci. You find out Ranveer in a blue Tracksuit, some gold chains on neck, Goggles and long haired wig. Totally this photoshoot is meme worthy and it will give a free publicity to a brand.

Latest Ranveer Singh Memes – New Look memes

Latest Ranveer Singh Memes – Today a meme war was going on twitter, On Instagram people were tagging Ranveer on every meme post. New look of Ranveer is totally meme material and may be its a part of marketing but that give us new meme templates. Bollywood Memes.

Latest Ranveer Singh Memes
Latest Ranveer Singh Memes
Ranveer Singh new look memes
Ranveer Singh new look memes
Latest Ranveer Singh Memes on Gucci Photoshoot
Ranveer Singh Memes on Gucci Photoshoot
New Dress look Ranveer Singh Memes
New Dress look of Ranveer
Funny Ranveer Singh Memes
Funny Ranveer Singh Memes
Deepika Padukon and Ranveer Singh Memes
Ranveer Singh Memes

Urvashi Rautela’s mud bath picture is meme worthy – Viral image

Urvashi Rautela Mud bath pictures

Urvashi Rautela is our country’s youngest actress and model, her body is amazing and she always does yoga and heavy gym exercises to maintain her shape. She has 38 million fans on Instagram, she always uploads beautiful pictures and her gym workout videos which are very impressive, it shows the hard work required for a model and actress. Recently she uploaded her mud bath picture and it went viral, that Instagram post got 1.2 million likes, people are making memes on that photo, you can see this picture all over social media. Urvashi Rautela Mud bath picture


Cleopatra was an early lover of a mud bath, while modern fans includes me. Enjoying the red mud of a Balearic beach.
Its said to have been used as a mirror by Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Its mineral-rich mud is considered therapeutic and good for skin. Mud really can be a muddy marvel. Covered in healing mud therapeutic Mud Baths are still heralded today for their ability to detoxify and draw out impurities, soften skin, improve circulation, and ease aches and pains.

Urvashi Rautela Mud bath picture
Urvashi Rautela Mud bath picture

Funny Urvashi Rautela viral memes

Best funny memes of Urvashi Rautela’s image from the recent Instagram post please see all the memes.

Urvashi Rautela images - Mud Bath memes
Urvashi Rautela Mud Bath memes

Urvashi Rautela mud bath memes and Mumbai road sink memes
Urvashi Rautela mud bath memes and Mumbai road sink memes
Urvashi Rautela memes and Baarish ki jaye meme
Urvashi Rautela memes

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Best funny avengers memes | marvel memes

Latest Avengers memes

The Marvel franchise has a large army of superheroes and they call them the Avengers. Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and many more are the most valuable and famous superheroes of Marvel comics. We’ve seen fun moments in the Avengers movie, they all have amazing bonding, they help each other and make fun of each other people make and share funny Avengers memes on social media.

20 + Avengers memes that make you laugh

Hulk, Spiderman, Iron man, Loki these are the most funniest characters and most of the memes are made on them. We believe these jokes will make your stomach ache. If you are a true fan of Marvel then you are going to enjoy this post. Captain America shield and Thor hammers are the most iconic things in meme world but after end game Thanos also came in meme light and Marvel’s Endgame is the most meme worthy movie we got many meme icons in internet comedy world. Funny avengers memes

captain america memes
Captain America memes
captain america memes, Avengers funny images
captain america memes
captain america memes, Funny marvel memes
captain america memes
Tony stark memes, Iron man jokes
Desi Iron Man
Best funny Avengers memes
Avengers Meme
Iron man memes
Iron man memes
Best Avengers memes 2021
Updated Avengers
Spiderman memes
Spiderman memes
Latest Thor memes 2021
Thor memes
Iron Man and Spiderman memes
Iron Man and Spiderman memes
Viral Hulk memes
Viral Hulk memes
Funny Avengers Memes
Avengers Memes
Beautiful thanos meme
Thanos meme
spiderman memes funny
Spiderman memes
arab thanos meme
arab thanos meme
 thanos meme
thanos meme
Dr. Strange memes
Dr. Strange memes
Spiderman memes
Spiderman memes
Iron man meme and Thanos memes
Funny Iron man
Funny Thanos memes
Funny Thanos memes
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