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Afghanistan Taliban memes

Afghanistan is an mountains landlocked Asian country. Afghanistan shares border with many countries like Pakistan, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan it is the biggest city of the country. It is a very beautiful country but it has many problems like Terrorism. Afghanistan is an Islamic country and has many terrorist groups but Taliban is the biggest terrorist group which is challenging the government. US govt. was fighting against Taliban since 2001 but in 2021 US withdrew its army. After this the Taliban got a new chance to rule Afghanistan, so it again has started its war with the Afghan government. It was very easy for Talibani to defeat Afghan force because they had new Hitech weapons. Now Taliban has occupied Afghanistan, they have taken over all government offices, schools and media. Many videos are coming from Afghanistan that Talibanis are having fun in government house, doing gym, playing in kids park and doing stupid things in public places. they’re all loaded with big guns. Many big world leader are worried about the situation of the country but many people on internet are making jokes on Talibani’s terrorist ( Taliban memes ). People are laughing at them that how can these foolish people

run the country. Watch funny Taliban video and check out the Afghanistan jokes.

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