The Khali memes ” Funny comment on Khali’s Photo”

Khali memes are the new trend of Social media, people going on Khali’s photo and requesting funny things in the comment box and memers taking funny screenshot and posting on their meme pages. This is hilarious trend of Meme world.

The Great Khali Instagram Page

The Great Khali (Dalip Singh Rana) he is a ex WWE wrestler and the founder of CWE academy. Khali has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and he is continuously uploading his videos on his Instagram handle you can visit his page by click here


Great khali funny moments

Funny comments on Khali Instagram post | Khali memes

New meme trend started from a Instagram live when a fan requested Khali he said Sir paad marke sofa tod do then this meme chain has started, people continuously comment on his photo this is hilarious. Due to this trend Khali sir has turned off the comment section. we know you also want to see those funny comment don’t worry we are mentioning below. Khali is a very big and strong fighter and all the requests in the comment section are around things that are impossible for humans to do and that is the fun part.

Great khali memes
Khali instagram post
The Great khali memes
Khali funny memes
Funny Khali memes
Khali funny memes
The Great Khali memes
The Great khali funny memes