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Uninstall Hotstar Trends | Empire memes

Uninstall Hotstar Trends because of Empire Web series

Uninstall Hotstar Trends because of Empire Web series

Uninstall Disney Hotstar trends on Twitter after the streaming of Empire web series. Disney hotstar is video streaming app where you can watch TV shows, movies and web series. Uninstall Hotstar trends and people are against the Empire series because Empire based on the life of mughal empire Babur, according to people this series are glorifying Babur’s image and manipulating the history.

Uninstall Hotstar and Empire memes

Uninstall Hotstar
Uninstall Hotstar trending on Twitter
Boycott Hotstar memes

People reviews about Empire Web series

Kunal Kapoor are playing the role of Babur and people are praising his acting. Many viewers are comparing it with Games of thrown and saying it a cheap copy of Games of thrown. Graphics and Fight scenes are fantastic and that’s a big thing for the film makers to creates this kind of work in a low budget.

Funny Comparison of Empire and Games of Thrown

Indians viewers appreciating the movie but they are unhappy with the manipulation of history that’s why Empire are getting extra hate because we can see this show is glorifying the Babur’s image and we know that he was a Islamic invader who killed the innocent Indians. People are also posting funny memes on Babur for showing anger against the Empire makes.

Mughal Leader Babur meme

Dil se bura lagta hai meme template

Recently Bhuvan Bam’s comedy web series Dhindora was released and Dev Raj also appeared in an episode with his iconic dialogue – Dil se bura lagta hai.

People dancing on In Da Ghetto while shopping – Tik Tok & Instagram Reels

In Da Ghetto song trending on Instagram reels and Tik Tok, In video people are dancing on the beats of song while shopping watch funny Instagram video that make you Laugh

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