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Kacha Badam meme video

Kacha Badam song is viral on internet everybody making short video on this song

While scrolling on the internet, you must have seen the videos in which people are dancing on the beat of the song ‘Kacha Badam’. It’s not a well-written and well-composed song, Bhuban Badiyakar, the man behind the viral Kacha Badam song, a groundnut vendor from Kuraljuri village in Laxminarayanpur panchayat in West Bengal. Bhuban sings while selling peanuts.

Viral video of Anjali Arora, Instagram id

Many people who made videos on viral songs, Kacha Badam is now the top trending song on all platforms, a video of Anjali Arora on this song also went viral on the internet and became a meme. She is an Instagram Influencer with 10 Million Followers her Instagram id is @anjimaxuofficially – Watch the viral video of Anjali Arora

Funny Kacha Badam meme

Every Instagram meme pages are making meme on Anjali Arora video ( Dancing on Kacha Badam Song ) all memes are funny, We also created a meme video on this trend you can watch it by clicking on it.


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