A video of road rage went viral on social media

Viral Road Rage video of Bhopal VIP Road

Road Rage videoclip : A video of road rage is going viral on the internet, the videoclip is re-uploading on every meme page, in which we can see a couple going on scooty and women sitting at the back, Suddenly their Scooty fell down and they got minor injuries but interestingly the women stood up and started blaming the biker behind their Scooty.

Viral Road Rage video

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This is one month old video of Bhopal VIP road upload by a Moto Vlogger – Gear Up

Full video is also available on Gear Up YouTube ch annel


We have no idea about the video, is it scripted or not?

According to Moto Vlogger, the woman took him to the police station but he showed the footage of the incident to the police, so no complaint has been filed against him.

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