Kota Factory Season 2 Dialogues became meme Templates

Kota Factory 2 is streaming on Netflix and people are loving Season 2 - Jeetu Bhaiya has opened AIIMS coaching institute

Jeetu Bhaiya  Meme Template -  Best Motivational Speech

Jeetu Bhaiya is very popular for his motivational and related quotes which motivate students

Funniest Kota Factory 2  Meme Templates

Large Radish

In Kota Factory season 2 you will see the love birds of the show Vaibhav and Vartika and the Friendship bond of Uday, Meena, Vaibhav

Meena's funny meme templates for Kota Factory fans 

Meena is Vaibhav's good friend, he is the most genuine and innocent boy who helps Vaibhav in his studies.