After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, World War 3 memes take over Indian social media

Russia vs Ukraine World war memes

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine on 24 February, Russia’s move shocked the whole world and many countries are considering it as the start of World War 3. Ukraine fighting with Russian forces on Ukrainian land, Russian forces claiming they have already captured several cities, the whole internet is flooded with video clips of the war. US and NATO countries are supporting Ukraine and many countries are sending aid like food, clothes, helmets etc.

All the positive feedback and support from around the world gave a hope to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and he announced that he is not going anywhere, he is in Ukraine to stop the Russian army. He inspired civilians to take up arms against Russia which resulted in many Ukrainian joining the military and many civilians making petrol bombs. Watch funny USA meme

India is neutral and is encouraging both Russia and Ukraine for table talk, many Indian students are studying in both countries, Government of India. Trying to get all civilians out of Ukraine and Russian army has assured Indian government. They will not harm Indian if they find them they will help them to come out of Ukraine

Ukraine vs Russia war memes | World War memes

Russia declared war against Ukraine and this news infuriated Indian social media users, they started making world war 3 memes, you can see these memes, which are mentioned below, You can follow us on Instagram @adthejokester

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